HEAR NOW Thursdays – a response to Covid-19

“Oscularum Infame” Composed by Jeffrey Holmes
Ben Jacobson, violin; Eric Byers, cello; Aron Kallay, piano
“The Surface” Composed by Xavier Muzik
Sara Andon, flute; Claire Brazeau, oboe;
Chris Stoutenborough, clarinet; Anthony Parnther, bassoon
“Rarrk” Composed by Sean Heim
Asuncion Ojeda, flute; Paul Sherman, English horn;
Shalini Vijayan, violin; Tim Loo, cello; Vicki Ray, piano;
Conducted by Sean Heim
“Ouija” Composed by Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum
Joanne Pearce Martin, piano
“Oscillatore” Composed by Evan Beigel
– The Lyris Quartet –
Alyssa Park, violin; Shalini Vijayan, violin; Luke Maurer, viola; Timothy Loo, cello
“Tres Osos y una Playa” Composed by Kathryn Bostic
Johanna Borenstein, flute; Stuart Clark, clarinet; Anthony Parnther, bassoon
Stephen Hartke: Oh Them Rats is Mean In My Kitchen
Alyssa Park and Tereza Stanislav, violins

Joan Huang: Yang-guan Songs
with the Eclipse Quartet: Sarah Thornblade and Sara Parkins, violins; Alma Lisa Fernandez, viola; Maggie Parkins, cello
William Roper’s Und Heute Fünf Schwäne
with Holly Sedillos, soprano Rachel Beetz, flute

Isaac Schankler: GHOST ALMANAC withSara Parkins, violin; Pamela Vliek Martchev, flute; Eric Jacobs, clarinet; Doug Masek, alto saxophone; Aron Kallay, piano; Marcia Dickstein, harp; Ted Atkatz, percussion;Conducted by Elisabeth Wright Click on image (link anytime)

Michaela Eremiasova’sSHADE LOST, SHADE RECOVERED Click on image (link anytime)

Arturo Cardelús’ Demian SonataClick on image(link anytime)

Benjamin Wallfisch’s SpectraClick on image(link anytime)

Hugh Levick’s MessiahClick on image(link anytime)(Click “show more” for text on YouTube)

Don Davis’ Wanderings (excerpt) –Click on image(link anytime)

Juhi Bansal’s Begin Click on image (link anytime)(click “show more” for text on YouTube)