Friday: Hear Now + Pie, 2017

Friday, 4/27 – 8pm
Throop Unitarian Universalist Church, 300 S Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA

ALEXANDER ELLIOTT MILLERTo….Oblivion: Impressions of Historic Landmarks Around Los Angeles (Part 1: Belmont Tunnell) 
Alex Miller, guitar
Sara Andon, bass flute
IAN DICKELatest and Greatest (LA Premiere)
Brightwork newmusic
MU-XUAN LIN: Pale Fire 
Vicki Ray, piano
WEN LIUEchoes in the Petals Falling (LA Premiere)
Maggie Parkins, cello; Eric Shetzen and Scott Worthington, contrabasses
ANTHONY PAUL GARCIA: if it stops (LA Premiere)
Brightwork newmusic
Brightwork newmusic: Sara Andon, flute; Brian Walsh, clarinet, Aron Kallay, piano; Shalini Vijayan, violin (guest artist); Maggie Parkins, cello; Nick Terry, percussion; 
Electronics: Isaac Schankler and Colin Horrocks
This concert is generously underwritten by Madelyn and Jerald Jackrel.
         Alex Miller   Ian Dicke   
                         Miller                                  Dicke                                 Garcia
         Dominique Schafer Wen Liu Mu-Xuan Lin
                      Schafer                                  Liu                                      Lin
 “The level of composition and performance was equal to any fine contemporary music concert in the world today.” (Russell Steinberg blog)